Mariah’s going to hate her guts!

7 11 2007

Meet British idols-winner Leona Lewis. She’s just got her first single from her new album out. It’s very Mariag Carey-ish, but a hundred times better and so catchy. A killer hit for sure!

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love


Tickle his pickle!

30 10 2007

Having a week off from work I decided to watch the late-night show ‘Sexectera‘. My friends told me it was horrible and gave them nightmares! 😀 I did turn away from the first interview with an extreme BDSM mistress. That woman was really loco: she fingerfucked men in their urethra, used ginormous needles and other disgusting medieval tortures. After some more brain damage the coverage about a book called ‘Tickle his pickle’ drew my attention…

The author, Dr. Sadie Allison, explained how to please your men’s cock to the fullest whilst a straight couple showed how things are to be done. I was very curious if I could learn some new hand- or blowjob techniques. But I actually learnt nothing! :-O Everything they explained and did I already knew and have put into good use.

I think they showed about twenty tot thirty different things: nothing new for me except for an extended version of something I had already done. Hell, I am the darn book! 😀 I just can’t hide being just a tad proud of myself: all those ‘you’re the best/ you’re sooo good’ comments weren’t overreactions after all. (Actually, I kinda knew that already *giggles*).

While we’re at it I’ll give you some of my favorite techniques to go. A must-do is the two handed-twist: grab that cock with two hands (moist please!) and stroke it with your hands going in the opposite directions. Another good one is the fake pussy/ass: when you’re giving him a blowjob let the dick slide underneath your tongue (be carefull with your fangs!) and flex those tongue muscles just like …

A simple and failproof classic: use a Frisk-mint (or two, three…) while blowing your man. He’ll thank you for that amazing tingling feeling and smashing orgasm. I’m off to bed now! Don’t forget: the most important thing you need to tickle his pickle is enthusiasm

x Sweet Kisses x

On redheads and pin-ups

24 10 2007

Yes, I finally got a taste of firecrotch! No, I didn’t have Lindsay over for drinks and sniffs. But last week I ended up home with my first ever redhead, and my, they’re hot!  Think strong, handsome and virile Irish lad and you know what he looked like. 😀 The clichĂ©’s about redheads are hereby confirmed…

On an other red hot matter: I get so annoyed by the protest that rose after Antwerp mayor asked to remove all pin-upposters in the local firehouses! A lot of people and firemen say he shouldn’t be mingling in these ‘internal’ affairs. I say go for it mayor, forbid al those titty-posters and let them be removed!

Firehouses are communal buildings and need to be strictly neutral! And I don’t think they would protest this loud if somebody would hang a Bel Ami-calendar on their wall, now would they? Those arrogant firemen even dared to join forces with men’s glossy P-Magazine (alike Maxim) and are giving away free pin-up posters!

For the record: I did not vote for mayor Janssens or his party, but I think he did a good job governing the city of Antwerp.

Better then sex

22 10 2007

Tori Amos does it again! Her latest single ‘Bouncing of clouds’ is pure ear-candy and watching her perform it is just hot! She uses one of her trademarks: double piano usage (this time classical and electric, sometimes she also uses a harpiscord).  You’ve probably noticed: I’ve been a big time Toriphile since years!


How I like my wodka…

11 10 2007

Swedish and strong!

Between my legs

10 10 2007

Yesterday my physiotherapist told me I should try sleeping with a pillow between my legs. Not quite what I’m used to, but hey, I’m always up for new experiences! Since early age I always had a weak back, but you learn to deal with it. It’s not like it interferes with anything, if it does I just pop a good ol’ painkiller! 😀 But I’ve been following physiotherapy at this clinic for a month now and it’s really paying off! Of course, hot packings and massages twice a week isn’t really hard work, lol.

But from next week on I’ll have to give it some extra! I’ll be starting the latest in back therapy called David Beck. You have to do abdominal- and backmuscle strengthening excercises on four different machines. It’s like robocop sometimes: you’re completely strapped in so you can only move those specific muscles. Of course I never mind some extra gym! Combining this with my regular gym routine I’m expecting to get gigantic abs by December, ! 😀

Wet, hard and horny!

8 10 2007

The Splash Party on Saturday was fantabulous! I really, really adored the whole concept: pumping beats, sexy boys, lots of water and a thousand rubber duckies! The party took place not so far from Brussels in Aqualibi, a large subtropical swim paradise. The atmosphere was really magical and it wasn’t such an orgy as expected.

Every now and then you saw a couple of guys rubbing it up behind a rock or low-lit corner, but overall it was quite clean and decent. And luckily I didn’t vanish between dozens of pumped-up fitness queens. I believe you would really find every type of gay guy there, which made it a very relaxing (not to mention I felt very hot, that gym is starting to pay off!).

I was there with a couple of friends, and of course Ben (yes Michel, that Ben :-D) but we were good boys until… we hit the dressing room to change again. The dressing rooms not being all that comfortable, we decided to pack up our heat and wait ’till we got at my place again.

Sometimes you just want hot and steamy uncompromised pounding action, and that’s what we did until we hit number one. I had a fantastic sleep after that :-D! I’ve been thinking about the fling that’s been going on with Jeroen and I now know that it’s not the time yet. 21-year old girls, like me, just wanna have fun!

Big Kiss!